How to Improve the Life Time of the Turbocharger

Since the turbocharger is the machinery working under high temperature/ high speed (about one hundred thousand rpm, exhaust temperature is approximately 700 0C). Its normal usage depends on engine oil. So ensure the cleanness of the engine oil is the key to guarantee life time of the turbocharger.

Engine oil plays two roles in usage:

Firstly, cool down.Engine oil may take away heat of turbine housing/ turbine and the heat which is produced by high speed rotation of turbine rotor. This ensures regular working gap between every auxiliary movement.

High temperature makes moving component expansion, the gap between moving component becomes smaller, intensity of oil filmdiminishes, and abrasion aggravates, which leads to the damage of the turbocharger damages. Or even, the whole machine may be scrapped.

Secondly, lubricate.There is oil film formed between auxiliary, which avoids direct rubbing. This ensures the regular working of the turbocharger.

If the engine oil entering the turbocharger is not clean, then is easy to bring about early abrasion of the moving components in the turbocharger, which leads to leakage of oil, strange noises and some others. And even worse, the whole machine may be scrapped.

Therefore cleanness of engine oil entering the turbocharger is really important (The Users' Guide of our company stipulates that granular impurities in engine oil are no larger than 0.03mm).

The turbochargers use the pressure oil which has been filtered in lubricating system of an engine to lubricate. The oil inlet of the turbocharger is connected by individual oil inlet pipe. The lube flowing through the turbocharger flows back to the oil sump by its own gravity.Because the rotation rate of turbocharger is much faster than that of engine, demand for lubrication is higher.If engine oil not clean or lubrication is insufficient, this may bring about damage of the turbocharger primarily.

To ensure the regular work of the turbocharger, we must add 40CD level or above quality's engine oil to diesel, and replace it regularly. (Replace regularly according to diesel manufactory's request.)First, carrying capacity of poor quality engine oil is bad, it can't form perfect oil film between moving auxiliary parts which leads to direct abrasion of parts.Secondly, engine oil in poor quality is easy to go bad under high temperature, producing coking and other acidic substances corrode the parts. This leads to the early damage of the turbocharger.

Meanwhile, the engine oil filter also needs to be replaced at the same time.Because the engine oil filter is the final pass of letting the oil entering the turbocharger.Therefore whether filtering effectofthe engine oil filter is good or not decides the cleanness of the engine oil entering the turbocharger. This influences the life time of the turbocharger directly.

At present there are many engine oil filters which are in poor quality in the market. Damage of filter paper during usage allows oil without filtering enters the turbocharger directly. Thisleads to the serious abrasion of the turbocharger in a short time and the whole machine may be scrapped. Or the glue falls off and enters the oil inlet of the turbocharger. This brings about the oil leakage and some other malfunctions. The whole machine may be scrapped. During our service for a long time, we found out that the breakdown of the turbocharger is usually caused by the damage of the oil filter.

Warning: If the breakdown of the turbocharger caused by the damage the filter, the consumer may claimforindemnity to the franchisee or manufactory of the oil filters.

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