Routine Maintenance

1.Clean the dust and dirt of oil on turbocharger commonly.

2.Check regularly whether there is any phenomenon of loose of any junction parts or leakage of gas/oil, and whether the oil return pipe is unobstructed. If there are any problems, eliminate the problems immediately.

3.Ensure that diesel air inlet is clean in a high standard. It is necessary to maintain the sealed of the air inlet and outlet of turbo-charger diesel. Ensure that the air filter is clean. Maintain and replace the air filter regularly according to the request of the engine manufactory.

4. Change engine oil and engine oil filter regularly (general every 8000 kilometers). The oil of turbo-charged diesel is easier to go bad than the oil of non-turbo-charged diesel. Always pay attention to the status of oil, and observe whether there are any mechanical impurities and changes of viscosity. Replace the oil regularly and the oil filter at the same time.

5.Check the gap between the radial direction and the axial direction of the turbocharger regularly (general every 8000 kilometers). The engine must be in closing down state during checking to avoid injury. Open the air inlet pipe of the turbocharger, push impeller slightly towards axial and radial direction respectively. If fleeing distance of impeller along the axial direction is greater than 0.15 millimeter and the minimum radial distance of the impeller and compressor housing is smaller than 0.1 millimeter, then the turbocharger must be repaired by professional staff in order to avoid expanding losses.

6. If any malfunction occurs, please check and eliminate the causes one-by-one according to "The List of the malfunction diagnose" from easy to difficult. This can always solve the problems without too much effort.

7. Please pay attention when you replace with the new turbocharger. The abrasion of various moving parts, the dirt of carbon and other impurities are all in oil due to the long time work of the engine. If you replace oil only, large amounts of impurities which remain in the oil path or other reasons may still be left in the engine. In order to ensure normal working of the turbocharger, we suggest cleaning the engine using the following method when you replace with a new turbocharger.

1. Remove the bad turbocharger, and pour away the oil in a hot state.

2.Add in commixture oil which has equal quantity of the original diesel oil (30% engine oil+ 70% diesel oil).

3.Insert the oil inlet pipe into oil return pipe or seal up oil outlet.

4.Start the engine. Brake after driving in the idling state for 1-2 minutes. Pour away the commixture oil. (If oil is dirty, it is better to clean it twice.)These above are better to do during the process of heating up the vehicle. Be sure that you must not install the turbocharger at this time.

5.Clean or replace the oil inlet pipe. Clean the oil sump. Remove engine oil filter and air filter.

6. Install the new turbocharger and fill the oil at the oil inlet of the turbocharger fully. Pre-lubricate it and then install the oil inlet pipe afterwards. Make sure that you install after the new engine oil filter is filled with engine oil. Install the other pipelines and the air filter.

7.Start the engine. Speed up after idling for 3 minutes in order to check whether there is any phenomenon of leakage of oil or gas.

If the consumers do follow all above, and use and maintain it in the correct way, the remaining life will last much longer. Pay attention!!! The oil filter, air filter and engine oil must be replaced and engine needs to be cleaned when you replace the turbocharger.

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