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  In recent years, the turbo-charged diesel engine is used as the power of the vehicle, has been accepted and become more and more popular among the user communities. However, as the turbocharger works under the condition of high temperature, high speed and high pressure, slightly careless may cause the damage of the turbocharger. Our factory has dealt with various circumstance analysis of breakdown turbocharger for many years, and most causes of the breakdown were the incorrect use which leaded to the nonessential losses for the customers. Therefore, how to use and to maintain the turbocharger correctly is the problem that we concerned about urgently. For your own, please operate according to the following method.


  1. The engine which machine oil, oil filter just be replaced or parks for a long time (generally surpasses 7 day) must dismantle intake pipe of the turbocharger and then replenish machine oil at oil inlet. Before starting the engine, rotate the engine several timesthrough turning, lubricate the turbocharger in advance.

  2. When we start turbo-charged engine, generally we have to start the generator 2 ~ 3 times discontinuously, each time 3 ~ 5 seconds to make sure the journal bearing of the turbocharger is filled with oil. After starting the engine, idle revolve for 3 ~ 5 minutes. Add load when the pressure and temperature of machine oil is normal. Especially do not heavily bomb the accelerator by cold starting in winter. This can be the fatal destruction for the turbocharger.

  Reason: Because the turbocharger is at the highest position in the diesel engine, after the start of diesel engine, the turbocharger begins its high-speed operation. However the machine oil which supplies by the engine oil pump is not enough. (As a result of the essential oil pressure and temperature is not achieved.) It is easy to cause abrasion because of the lack of oil.Serious conditions may burn out the turbocharger.


  1.In the revolution the pressure of oil is supposed to be maintained at 196 ~ 392 Kappa (2 ~ 4 kilograms/square centimeters).

  2.Pay attention if there are any abnormal noises or obvious vibrations during running. If so, we need to solve the problem.

  3. Pay attention to the pressure and temperature of the oil, temperature of turbine inlet and the rate of rotation etc. Make sure all do not exceed the technical standards during running.

  4.The idling cannot be too long (do not exceed 10 minutes in general). Long idling is easy for the air-compressor to cause oil leakage. The air pressure of exhaust gas and air-compressor is lower than the oil pressure in the bearing housing, and it is easier to bring about an oil leakage at the end of turbine and air-compressor. The oil film is difficult to form inside the journal bearing, and lubrication is not good due to the low rotation rate of the turbocharger while idling. It also affects the life of the turbochargers.


  1. Do not stop immediately if there is no special occasion during the period of moving around in high speed and full load. We should decrease the speed and the load gradually and idling racing for 3£­5 minutes before turning off the engine. Therefore, to decrease the rotational speed of the turbocharger and the temperature of the engine exhaust system in order to prevent damaging the turbocharger because of the lack of oil for bearing, returning heat, coking or too high temperature for parts.

  2. Strictly forbid the automobile operating method- "Accelerate- Flame out-Neutral Position Slide". Because the engine flame out abruptly in the entire loading and high temperature condition, the oil pump stops working, engine's oil can not take away the heat of the inner part of the turbocharger, therefore turbocharger may be damaged because of high temperature.


  1.After stopping, the turbocharger is still rotating in a high speed because of inertia. But the oil pump is not working already, leading to breakdown because of lack of oil.Under serious conditions, journal bearing at the end of the turbine may burn off within the bearing housing, bringing about the discarding of the turbocharger.

  2.The high temperature of the turbine transforms to the inner of the bearing housing, leading to the oil carbonizing or going bad. The dirt of carbon causes the block of the bearing housing gravely, brings about the early abrasion and oil leakage of the turbocharger.

  3. High temperature transforms to the hermetic sealing ring. It loses elasticity after anneal, aggravates the abrasion and leads to the oil leakage at the turbine ends.

  4.High temperature transforms to the shaft. This causes the abrasion and the break of shaft after anneal.

  5.The dirt of carbon after heating makes the sealed ring at the turbine end to wear away, which brings about the leakage of oil.

  6.Brake at high temperature brings about burning off of the journal bearing of the turbine within the bearing housing, which leads to breakdown of the turbocharger.

  7.High temperature makes oil go bad/ produce acidic solution which can corrupt journal bearing and thrust bearing.

  Change of the temperature of the bearing at different idling time (after closing down for 6 minutes):

  1. Close down after 1 minute idling. The temperature of bearing is about 2800C.

  2. Close down after 2 minutes idling. The temperature of bearing is about 2450C.

  3. Close down after 3 minutes idling. The temperature of bearing is about 2100C.

  4. The temperature of oil coking is about 2200C

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