Turbocharger Flow Test Rig




  1. Metal supported and reasonable structure- eliminates the effect caused by changing environment, higher testing precision.
  2. Use the turbine housing of original turbocharger as driving element, the driving force on the turbine is just the same as that when it is working normally, so the testing vibration is more correct.
  3. Wide range of testing and high rotated speed- the rotated speed can reach up to 50,000250,000rpm(it depends on the turbocharger model and gas source supply); Wide range testing of turbochargers, it involves almost all the turbochargers used on passenger cars, commercial vehicle, trucks and certain ships.
  4. Short testing time- It only takes five seconds to finish the whole speed balancing test.
  5. Auto-control Oil temperatureC oil temperature controlled precisely (oil temperature control system ensures 352C). Make the tested value accurately and well repeated.
  6. Tested parameters is displayed directly and easy to understand- vibration acceleration and its synchronization rotated speed, angle, oil temperature, oil pressure, etc. are displayed by computer figures; it can display each parameter at a certain time while moving the cursor; it displays directly and understandable, the data can be saved and printed.
  7. Easy to operate, scientific to judge eligibility; convenient to remove frequency; easy installation. Well learn operate within only half an hour.
  8. Oil leaking test- The lubricating oil pressure is the same as the oil pressure of the normal working turbocharger, and the pressure value of lubricating oil can be adjusted.
  9. The price is cheaper.
  10. There are three specifications to meet different satisfaction.


MHB series Turbocharger Core Balancing Machine is used for dynamic balancing and testing of small and medium-sized core assemblies.

MHB series Turbocharger Core Balancing Machine consists of the following parts: mechanical box, electrical testing system; mechanical vibration measurement system; electrical control system; compressed air driving system; lubricants supply system; air-driven diesel incision equipment and exhaust-emission & muffler system.

1. Mechanical box is designed according to Human Engineering and optimize performance make sure the operators feel comfortable and convenient while operating.

2. The electrical testing system consists of calculation system, high-performance vibration sensors and rotating speed measurement sensor by weak magnet etc.

Detection module is used to collect each data and calculate immediately, then displays one-to-one the vibrations (in the unit of gravitational acceleration g), speed (rpm) curve and angle vibration curve (in the form of needles). Computer figures are direct-viewed. It has the advantages of high testing precision, good reliability, strong capability of avoiding interference and quick response; whats more, it can show each parameter at a certain time while moving the cursor; it displays directly and understandable, the data can be saved and printed.
3. The mechanical vibration measurement system adopts soft bearing system, reasonably designed structure. The testing data is precise and reliable; the impact of vibrations from the surrounding environment on the measurement of precision can be eliminated.

4. Turbochargers which can be tested including those are used on cars, passenger cars, trucks and certain ships, from the big one like HC5A to the small one like KP35 and GT15, etc. the tested speed can reach the normal working speed of turbochargers (50,000~250,000rpm, it depends on the dimension of turbine wheel and gas source supply); but if use the nozzle driven balancing machine, the rotating speed cant reach up to the normal working speed when balancing the big turbocharger.

5. For rotating speed measurement system by weak magnetic detection, high performance magnets will magnetize the compress wheel compression nut or the end of the shaft, and draw out the marking point. During measurement, the compress wheel adapter will shut down automatically; the speed measurement sensor by weak magnet installed in the adapter can transform the magnetic flux (which is of the magnetized compression nut or the end of the shaft) into electrical signals, and then measure out the rotating speed of turbocharger. The testing is rapid and correct.

6. Pneumatic drive system composes turbine housing of original turbocharger and compress air source. Turbine housing is installed on the soft supporting shelf of the mechanical vibration system. The air-in at the lower end of the turbine housing is connected to the efficient nozzle; High pressure air gets into the turbine housing, blow the rotor to rotate in high speed; which makes the rotor rotates to the working speed in only 2~4 seconds.

If the rotation of turbocharger is driven by the turbine housing adapter nozzle, the pressure on the turbine is different from the driving force when turbocharger installed on the engine, thus lead to the difference between testing vibration value and the normal working vibration value, so the testing value is not precise. Further more, use the original turbocharger turbine housing as driving element, theres no need to buy or to manufacture turbine housing adapter.

7. Lubricants supply system is consists of fuel tanks which is 30 liters and pumping station which is 3.6 liter/min, and equipped with automatically heating and cooling, oil pressure control, cleaning & filtering system and low oil warning system. The two stages of automatically lubricating oil heating and cooling system can control the oil temperature within the range of 352 fast and accurately, to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the measurement parameters.

The oil pressure control system of this machine can automatically adjust the oil pressure within the range of 2-6kg/cm2. The oil pressure also can be manually adjusted on two stages.

The cleaning & filtering system uses two-stage magnetized iron filtration devices and three-stage mesh filters device, to ensure the cleanliness and long cycle used of oil.

The low oil warning system will alarm automatically when the oil level is below the set point.

8. The front end of the air turbine-driven cutting device is equipped with efficient molding cutter, it can remove the material of the lock nut precisely and lead to the good balance requirements of the turbocharger rotor.

9. Muffler exhaust emission system is a super-capacity, whole muffler of airtight; the super-capacity reduces the air drag; vent-pipe can go to the outdoor after connecting and it reduces the noises in the operating room enormously.

10. MHB series Turbocharger Core Balancing Machine presently has three models for choice.

Product Volume (length width height):

MHB-10   2050 800 1400 (mm)
MHB-12   1400 700 1400 (mm)
MHB-15   850 700 1400 (mm)


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Schedule 1.

The table followed is the differences of the three models of core balancing machines, the other features are same, please read the instruction.









space for tools and disassembling turbo


automatic oil heating

automatic oil cooling

Suitable for

manufacturing and repairing

manufacturing and repairing


Other equipments used for manufacturing and repairing turbochargers.



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